Our Shoe Guys

" Jim Charles is about celebrating individualism and creativity. Our brands are all built around customisation, offering something unique and personal to every man and his son. "

Simon Bourne - Founder

The 'Out-the-Box' Jim Charles Franchise

We have seen some pretty boring franchises in the business world, but the same can't be said for Jim Charles. We are a forward thinking, digitally interactive brand that cares deeply about our customers, our communities and our products. 

A Jim Charles Franchise is a proven opportunity for you to own your own business helping our customers to design their own pair of handmade shoes. From grooms to businessmen, golfers to style icons - we offer our clients the opportunity to create something truly unique and personal.

From fitting to design, we'll provide thorough training to ensure you're fully prepared. 

Here's what you can expect to find inside your fully branded Jim Charles trunk: 

-  Your own supply of digitally savvy Jim Charles Designer business cards
-  Digital foot scanning device for perfect measuring accuracy
-  Six example shoes showcasing colours, styles, and last shapes encased in beautifully presented foam cavities
-  Swatches of all available materials for your customers to choose from
-  A Jim Charles branded tablet or touchscreen with advanced technology to help a customer design their customised shoes
-  A branded card reader for easy payment processing
-  Matching accessories, care products and upsell opportunities

With our comprehensive package, you'll be ready to promote and sell our brand with confidence. Find out more below.

What does a designer have to do?

The job is pretty simple. You help our customer create a unique pair of shoes. Customers will book in with you via our website and you will be notified of the booking. When they arrive, your task is to take some simple measurements of their feet before helping them to design their shoes using the 3D builder on our website.

What if I don't know anything about shoes?

You don't need to! We will teach you what you need to know. What you need to know about is how to build and sustain great relationships - it's as simple as that.

What does the ideal designer look like?

They're firstly a people person. They communicate well and build fantasticly relationships with people. They dress well, smell good, and care about their appearance. They enjoy expressing themselves. We love people with character and charisma.

Do I need my own client base?

In a perfect world, yes. If you have access to potential customers who would like to own pair of unique shoes, you are the perfect designer for us. But, it's not essential. We can give you lots of tips on how you can generate your own client list.

What is the average cost of shoes from Jim Charles?

Most shoes are priced at £299. Boots will cost around £30 more. We always recommend cedarwood shoe trees, which are prices at £40 per set.

What will I get paid?

We pay a very generous minimum of £120 to franchise owners for the sale of any pair of shoes or boots. There are additional commissions available when you sell add ons such as monograms, care products or matching accessories. 

Do I get discount on shoes?

We love it when our designers wear 'their own'. It's important. So, we can offer you 50% off RRP for shoes for yourself.

Could I earn more money?

For those who embrace the Jim Charles brand and sell well, we can offer progression where you can become a team leader, meaning you earn additional money from the sales of your team.

What if my customer re-orders online?

So long as they select you as their designer at the checkout, you will be paid your commission on that order.

What if a customer pays with a gift card or with their subscription?

You still get paid your commission.

How many shoes do I need to sell?

This will be discussed and agreed before you officially join us.

Do I need a shop to sell Jim Charles?

No. You can offer a mobile service within your area meaning you take your case direct to your clients. If you do have some premises, that's also great.

What does it cost to buy a franchise licence for Jim Charles?

Yes. The cost is £12,995 + VAT.

This will provide you with everything you need to be able to get started including training, support, materials (including our Jim Charles trunk).

How soon can I expect to get a return on my investment?

Our conservative modelling shows that it is perfectly achievable to sell an average of 20 pairs of shoes per month if you follow the guidance we provide. If you achieve 20 pairs per month, you will see a return on your investment within your first year and be in profit before your first anniversary with us.

Will I be employed?

Not by Jim Charles, no. You will own your own business under the Jim Charles licence. All earning would be paid on a self employed basis and you would be responsible for your own tax, etc. We can help you with acountancy, though, if you require assistance.

Can I have another job and own a Jim Charles franchise?


What happens if a customer complains?

You can refer the customer to our complaints procedure. We always want to take care of our customers and our free remake usually offers a perfect solution to any concerns you customer has. 

Do I still get paid if a customer is not happy with his shoes?

Yes, of course. You have done your part and sold some shoes, so you will be paid. Any costs attributed to a remake, we will take care of it.

Will I be trained on how to sell?

Yes. As part of the agreement you will receive full one-to-one training on how to operate. We will also provide you with our manual which is a step-by-step guide to making your business work for all parties.

We will teach you how to sell so that your customers gets the best experience and leave feeling excited about their purchase. Our technology and processes make everything very easy. 

What happens after the sale?

We take care of everything. We will keep your customer updated with regular emails on the progress of their shoes. We can send the shoes either direct to you or to your client, anywhere in the world.

Do I need to sign a contract to become a designer?

Yes. We have terms and conditions which help protect what we do as a brand and we would expect you to adhere to those terms if you wish to join us. 

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